DevOps, accelerator of innovation

DevOps is the abbreviation of development and operations. DevOps is a complete process, going far beyond the development. It allows to accelerate the delivery of new products, new services, or new features, and to take user feedback into account more quickly. Algologic supports you for implementing a logic of DevOps within your company, and develops the necessary tools according to your needs. We create tailor-made scripts of continuous integration, tests and continuous deployment of your application or your service.

We can use technologies like Chef Automate, Ansible or Amazon Web Services to create the server infrastructure required for your project of DevOps. The Chef scripting language or the Amazon OpsWork services allow to automatically deploy your applications and to adapt the infrastructure according to your needs. We have a long experience of Amazon web services, and we can help you in creating your server structure (EC2 server, S3 backups, identities management via IAM etc.). Do not hesitate to contact us to study your project together.