Mobile applications for smartphones and tablets

The use of smartphones and tablets continues to grow, and brings new usage, transforms the habits. In order to follow these changes, Algologic helps you to create your mobile application, from its conception until the submission on every app stores. We can also take care of maintenance and evolution of your applications. We are located near Thiers and Clermont-Ferrand, and can work remotely to help you in any part of the world.

Our experience is at your service to create a tailor-made application, effective and ready for evolution. We are specialized in creating innovative graphical interface, that are intuitive and really adapted to your users. After studying your needs, we can create paper mockups, functionnal prototypes, and conduct user tests in order to develop an interface combining ergonomy and design.

Native or HTML5 application

We ensure a constant technology watch to bring you the best of new technologies in your applications. Depending on your needs, we know how to guide you on the best choices to make, whether for native application on Android, iOS or Windows, or responsive application written in HTML5.

Virtual reality, augmented reality

New technologies of virtual reality and augmented reality are gaining more and more success. They are now accessible to the public at large, thanks to glasses, or even directly from their mobile. These new modes of interaction allow great new possibilities. Algologic is at your service to create your virtual or augmented reality application. Don’t hesitate to let us know about your project by using our contact form.